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MEET Jessica 

Murray School Board, District 2

I am passionate about education and hope to earn your vote to be your representative for Murray School Board District 2. For my kids and yours, I want to ensure Murray has safe and inclusive schools, clear pathways to career, and more resources to support students and educators.

As a connector, builder, and active listener, I approach complex issues with open curiosity and respect. If elected, I would take a data-driven approach to understand where we are and where we--the school board, educators, and community--want to be. I define data as both quantitative and qualitative, as both numbers and individual stories.


With specialized training and experience in neutral facilitation, results-based accountability, and setting goals that are measurable, inclusive, and equitable, I am ready to serve the voters in District 2. I have over ten years of experience working in education, examples include being a long-term substitute teacher for middle school math, an adjunct professor of English literature, and a graduate research assistant. In my administrative roles, I have informed education policy at the state level, earned national and statewide grants around education initiatives, and have over twenty years of experience leading committees and teams around creating conditions for student success.


I would like to hear what you are passionate about and what you think is important to your student's education. If you're an educator, I'd love to hear from you as well, to learn what you and your students need to thrive. If you care about our community's children and youth, please reach out to me. I would love to meet with you and better understand your point of view.

Jessica Lucero Miller

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